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General Information How To 
  What is ArrayMiner ?       Publishing and Presenting Your Work  
CL What is clustering ?   Overview: A Unique Palette of Publishing Tools  
CL What are the different clustering models ?   How do I save the images in the windows ?  
CM What is ClassMarker ?  CL How can I assign names to clusters ?  
CM What are the different classmarking analyses ? CL How do I use the Heat Map Publisher ?  
  What is PCA ?   How do I select my preferred colors ?  
CM What are links ?   How do I publish an interactive 3D view on the Web ?  
CL What is a Genetic Algorithm ? (Web Based) CL How do I publish my clusters on the Web ?  
  What are the different file types ?       Data In/Out  
CL What are Coloring Schemes ?   How do I prepare my data for reading ?  
  About Gene Annotations   How do I load data from clipboard ?  
  What's new in version 5.3 ?   How do I import data into ArrayMiner ?  
      How do I Save my solution ?  
      How do I run ArrayMiner from GeneSpring ?  
      How do I set columns according to GeneSpring ?  
    CL How do I choose the clustering parameters ?  
    CL How do I Perform a clustering ?  
      How Do I Update my ArrayMiner Licence ?  
    CM How do I use ClassMarker ?  
    CM How do I create classes ?  
Interface Troubleshooting
  Application Menu   I am getting the wrong data when running under GeneSpring  
CL The Toolbar Buttons CL ArrayMiner's Algorithm, Practical Issues  
CL The Main Window   FAQs (Web based)  
  The Info Window   Version History (Web based)  
  The Raw Data Window   Computer requirements  
CL The Closest Cluster Window   Macintosh GeneSpring Wrapper Installation  
CL The Progress Window   Running from GeneSpring under Win95/98/Me  
  The Search Window      
CL The Classification Compare Window      
  The Project Explorer      
  The Text Log Window      
CM The ClassMarker Main Window      
  The Project Notes Window      
  The Experiment Tree Window      
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