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ArrayMiner Presentation Movies

    This movie shows the rich palette of data views available, and how easily they are manipulated.

26 secs


    This movie shows the rich features, speed, and ease of use of the 3D view.

24 secs


    This movie shows how easy it is to run ArrayMiner from GeneSpring® by Silicon Genetics.

23 secs


    All of ArrayMiner's graphics are easily inserted in your documents. The example of the Heatmap Publisher illustrates how easy it is to publish your results with ArrayMiner.

44 secs


    ArrayMiner offers advanced visualization of most any data. Here a simple list of genes is input as a cluster and compared with existing classifications.

51 secs


    The ClassMarker module's graphical interface is extremely intuitive. This movie shows how easy it is to perform a Train-and-Test analysis.

1'05 secs

    In addition to ArrayMiner's unique data mining algorithm, an experiment tree window has been added. The Experiment tree module gives you an intuitive way to see how your experiments match each other.

27 secs