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  Version 5.3 released [Release notes / Upgrades ]
Powerful analysis tool for your microarray gene expression data
What does ArrayMiner do?
ArrayMiner® is a set of analysis tools using advanced algorithms to reveal the true structure of your gene expression data. Its unique graphical interface gives you an intimate understanding of the analysis and an easy publishing of its results.

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Our clustering module offers state of the art algorithms and interface allowing you to discover the real structure hidden in your datasets.

Key features
  • Gaussian clustering algorithm for an accurate statistical approach with noise detection
  • Rich interface including a very fast 3D view
  • Large range of publishing tool
  • Can also be run as a seamlessly integrated GeneSpring® add-on
  • And more...

Our classmarking module offers a very intuitive way of performing class prediction. Thanks to its unique interface and sophisticated algorithm, it gives you the opportunity to easily extract target genes in your experiments.

Key features
  • Perform class prediction, cross-validation and train/test analysis
  • Unique multi-class capabilities
  • Instant results comparison in an intuitive interface
  • And more...