Publishing tools
Publishing Tools

    A particular attention has been paid to ArrayMiner's publishing capacities. All data views are WYSIWYG exportable in various file formats and in various resolutions.. And as of version 5.1, additional modules have been added for web publishing. It is now possible in a single click to generate a 3D java applet in an html page you can share with your colleagues even if they do not have ArrayMiner.
  • See an ArrayMiner output saved as a 3D java applet here.
  • See an ArrayMiner output saved as a complete website here.

    These two output examples were directly generated with ArrayMiner without any changes.

    If the 3D applet examples do not work correctly on your machine, you can check your browser java version here.
    As another example of ArrayMiner's publishing tools, the screenshot on the left shows the Heatmap Publisher window of the clustering module.

    See it running in a Quicktime movie.

Click on one of the following examples to view the resulting image created with the Heatmap Publisher:

Publisher output JPG format (bigger but compatible with most browsers)
540 KBytes
496 pixels
3081 pixels
Publisher output PNG format (requires a recent browser)
104 KBytes
496 pixels
3081 pixels